Episode 14: Online Deliberation – Learning online with Leanne Piggott

  Leanne Piggott is an award-winning and highly-skilled curriculum designer and university teacher. Public deliberations require deep learning by participants who come to a gathering with different levels of knowledge and understanding about a topic. As facilitators increasingly move public deliberations online, understanding the principles of transformative learning has become even more important. Anything less...Continue reading

Episode 11: Facilitator training with Oliver Escobar

    Dr Oliver Escobar is an academic at the University of Edinburgh and has offered training in facilitation for public deliberations for more than a decade. It is this training that provides the focus of the podcast conversation. Oliver is unusual because of this combination of scholarship and being an experienced trainer. In this interview, he explains...Continue reading

Episode 9: When to use Deliberative Mini-publics with Iain Walker and Nicole Hunter

    Two seasoned players in the deliberative field: one from a research foundation, the other from a consulting firm. Iain Walker (newDemocracy Foundation) and Nicole Hunter (Mosaic Lab) bring a wealth of experience to a discussion about public deliberations. They explore: identifying the policy challenge, timeliness, convincing elected representatives, knowing what the most appropriate...Continue reading

Episode 8: MASS LBP’s approach with Peter MacLeod

    British Columbia led the way with a citizens’ assembly in 2004, a deliberative method which has been deeply influential among deliberative democrats. In 2006 a similar process, the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform was undertaken in Ontario. Peter MacLeod was part of the secretariat that oversaw the Students’ Assembly on Electoral Reform which...

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