Board and Executive

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM


Luca Belgiorno-Nettis

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis is the Managing Director of Transfield Holdings, and Prisma Investment – a private Family Office. He has a B. Arch. (UNSW) and a Dip.Urb.Est. Mgmt. (UTS).

In 2004 he founded The newDemocracy Foundation, a non-for-profit research organization focused on political reform.  In 2009 he was awarded an AM for his work in arts and the community generally, and in 2014 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Western Sydney University.

Iain Walker

Executive Director

Iain Walker

Iain Walker is Executive Director of the newDemocracy Foundation (nDF) in Australia, a role he has held since 2011.

Iain has led over 20 trial projects at local government and state government level including projects for State Premiers on both sides of politics. The topics have ranged from long-term budgeting for the $4bn City of Melbourne Financial Plan to the potential for a high-level nuclear waste storage facility in South Australia. In the water industry, nDF designed the 2017 Citizens’ Jury process for Yarra Valley Water.

Kyle Redman

Director of Design and Research

Kyle is the Director of Research and Design at the newDemocracy Foundation. He has designed and operated several of newDemocracy's major citizens’ assembly projects, including for the ACT Government, Local Government Victoria, Western Sydney University, and the City of Sydney.

He has also worked with international partners to design democratic innovations in Brazil, Malawi, Spain and more. He is an Executive Board Member of the Federation for Innovation in Democracy - Europe, and a member of Australia’s Open Government Forum. He has also co-authored the United Nations Democracy Fund handbook Enabling National Initiatives to Take Democracy Beyond Elections, and the recently published book The A, B & C of Democracy.

Kathy Jones


Kathy Jones, is currently a Director and an Executive Chair of a number of organisations that focus on democratic reform, social infrastructure and precinct activation.  Kathy utilises her skills in advisory work and strategy in both  Australia and the UK. She was the founder and chief executive of KJA, one of Australia’s largest engagement and community consultation companies before selling it internationally in 2018.

Lyn Carson


Lyn Carson

Lyn Carson is a former professor in applied politics at the University of Sydney Business School, former professor with the University of Western Sydney, former academic director of the United States Studies Centre, and currently an associate of the Centre for Deliberative Democracy & Global Governance at the University of Canberra. ‘Carson’ also currently serves as newDemocracy’s research director.

She has written handbooks on community engagement and many articles and book chapters on public participation, including a book, with Brian Martin, Random Selection in Politics (1999) and co-edited The Australian Citizens’ Parliament & The Future of Deliberative Democracy (2013).


Polly Cameron

Director of Engagement and Outreach

Polly is Director of Engagement & Outreach at the newDemocracy Foundation. She has a background in innovation and community building, having been the National Program Director for The School of Life in Australia.

She has worked extensively in the not-for-profit and arts sector and has over 10 years of experience as a facilitator and program designer.

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