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It’s easy to be critical of current politics.

NewDemocracy is an independent, non-partisan research and development organisation. We aim to discover, develop, demonstrate, and disseminate complementary alternatives which will restore trust in public decision making.

We conduct real world trials using random selection and deliberation - the jury model - as a central process.



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We think a complementary house of randomly selected people - A Citizens' Senate - could be trialed as a third House of Parliament.

We might be wrong, and that’s why we think a fair method for studying this measure, along with any others, is to put the question to a Convention, and let them spend some months deliberating on the measures.

The Irish Constitutional Convention of 2012 is a precedent in this regard.

The Irish had a mix of everyday people selected by lot (as in a jury) together with politicians - two thirds/one third.

In Australia, we could do something similar to consider: ‘How can we do democracy better?’ and report back to Parliament.

Submissions would come from all and sundry on how to improve our government.

Democracy is more than ‘the vote’ - it’s a way of organising ourselves, for no other reason than for ourselves.

In the Media

Today elected representatives take the tough decisions about public finances behind closed doors. In doing so, democratic politicians rely on the advice of financial bureaucrats, who, often, cater to the political needs of the elected government. Politicians rarely ask voters what they...

At the beginning of this month, I appeared before the federal parliamentary committee tasked with a number of questions, including political donations and campaign advertising. I politely proposed that politicians, when trying to regulate these matters, might be seen as both poacher and gamekeeper. I suggested that a citizens’ jury might...

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The ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate is conducting a review of Housing Choices in the ACT. The next stage of engagement will comprise a consultation method that helps reach the core of community concerns through considered engagement. The ‘Collaboration Hub’ is a deliberative democracy process that will...

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Research Committee

THE HON GEOFF GALLOP AC | Chair, RESEARCH COMMITTEE  The Hon Nick Greiner AC, Member Research Committee  CAROLYN HENDRIKS | RESEARCH COMMITTEE  Laura Tingle, Member Research Committee 

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Privacy matters, and we are totally committed to ensuring that your participation in our important work protects your personal information. We stay in touch with former jurors for a little while after projects end by email (not too many though!), and we retain details on people who RSVP for a particular project primarily so we can study response rates. We don’t share data with anyone, and any bulk data required for project operations is destroyed at the conclusion of that project. It’s that simple. More...

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