Episode 44: Deliberation around the world with Claudia Chwalisz

As we draw this podcast series to a close, it’s fitting to take a global perspective on public deliberation with Claudia Chwalisz who leads the OECD’s work on innovative citizen participation.  Claudia is co-authoring a number of influential reports, convening a global network and maintaining an online digest, Participo. Links Catching the Deliberate Wave report...Continue reading

Episode 43: Reflections from a participant with Bobbi Allan

Bobbi Allan was randomly selected for a public deliberation in early 2018. Coincidentally, she has a background as a facilitator so can offer an unusual perspective as she describes the residual effect of a deliberative experience. Bobbi Allan is a skilled facilitator with a background in training and development in the community and government sectors....Continue reading

Episode 42: Deliberation and disability with Rhiann MacLean and Max Hardy

This conversation is with Rhiann McLean (in Scotland) and Max Hardy (in Australia).  Both are dedicated to amplifying the voices of people with disability—through research and public deliberations.” Links: Research Voices Citizens’ Jury Video of the Research Voices Citizens’ Jury Report from Research Voices Citizens’ Jury NDIS Citizens’ Jury Video of NDIS Citizens’ Jury Rhiann...Continue reading

Episode 39: Tools and techniques with Abbie Jeffs

Abbie Jeffs has a background in urban planning and public policy but was an excellent facilitator in a successful consultancy, Straight-Talk, for many years. She’s now working for a public sector organisation—a loss for the field of public deliberation—although Abbie remains a strong advocate. She has much wisdom to impart in this episode and several...Continue reading

Episode 38: Tools and techniques with Lucy Cole Edelstein

Lucy Cole-Edelstein has over 30 years’ experience as an engagement practitioner, as a facilitator and process designer. She established and ran a successful consultancy, Straight-Talk, for some of those years and later sold her company to RPS with whom she now works. In this episode, Lucy shares several activities that build the group’s skill set...Continue reading

Episode 36: Deliberative tools and techniques with MosaicLab

This is a conversation with Nicole Hunter, Keith Greaves and Kimbra White, the founders of MosaicLab.  It covers what happens in the room with a face-to-face long-form deliberation when MosaicLab facilitators are at work. This episode contains an enormous amount of practical advice: the physical space, co-facilitation, templates, report writing, managing data and conflict, as...Continue reading

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