Episode 44: Deliberation around the world with Claudia Chwalisz

As we draw this podcast series to a close, it’s fitting to take a global perspective on public deliberation with Claudia Chwalisz who leads the OECD’s work on innovative citizen participation.  Claudia is co-authoring a number of influential reports, convening a global network and maintaining an online digest, Participo.


Claudia Chwalisz leads the OECD’s work on innovative citizen participation, which explores the paradigm change underway towards a more participatory, deliberative, and collaborative governance.

She co-authored the first OECD report on this topic published in June 2020: Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions: Catching the Deliberative Wave (co-authored with Ieva Cesnulaityte). Besides research, Claudia’s work at the OECD involves coordinating the Innovative Citizen Participation Network of leading international practitioners, academics, public servants, and designers, as well as editing the OECD’s online digest, Participo.

She is a member of the Democracy R&D Network, a global network of practitioners, academics, and advocates helping decision makers take hard decisions and build public trust.

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