Episode 32: Citizen Initiative Reviews with Linn Davis

Linn Davis leads Healthy Democracy‘s program development and process design. He coordinates Healthy Democracy’s complex public processes, trains its facilitation teams, and consults on deliberative projects in the U.S. and abroad. In this episode, recorded prior to the pandemic’s impact, Linn explains the Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) and the skills needed for excellent facilitation in...Continue reading

Episode 31: Deliberation learning and empathy with Laurie Drake

Laurie Drake is an experienced facilitator working as the Director of Research and Learning with MASS LBP in Canada. She comes to facilitation, as many do, via teaching and this explains her strong focus on the learning elements of deliberative processes. Laurie is passionate about the power of deliberative mini-publics to improve democracy broadly and...Continue reading

Episode 30: A scientific perspective on deliberation with Chris Forman

Links: What unmet needs could be met by deliberation? Deliberation Gateway   Dr Chris Forman graduated in 1999 with a Masters in theoretical physics from Edinburgh University. He spent four years doing defence research in the UK, first with DERA and then QinetiQ in satellite communications before returning to education in 2004 to complete a...

Episode 29: Deliberation planning with Anna Kelderman

Unusually for a town planner, Anna Kelderman does her own facilitation of engagement processes and sees it as a natural and effective way to do town planning. She wishes more of her planning colleagues would do their own public deliberations with diverse groups to co-design their futures. In this episode, Anna shares what she has...Continue reading

Episode 28: Perspectives on Facilitation with Scott Newton

A slice of history since this was recorded with Scott Newton a year-and-a-half ago when he was less experienced with public deliberations than he is now. However, it’s illuminating to hear the voice of a rookie. Even though Scott was familiar with facilitating workshops and public meetings, this conversation follows his first foray into the...Continue reading

Episode 26: Learning from an experienced facilitator with Max Hardy

  Max Hardy was one of the earliest adopters in Australia of deliberative methods such as citizens’ juries. Currently, he is working primarily with local and state governments and government authorities. After many years Max has retained his early enthusiasm for facilitating public deliberations, in particular collaborating with citizens in order to deal with complexity....Continue reading

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