Episode 25: The skills of an experienced facilitator with Marcia Dwonczyk


Marcia Dwonczyk has been facilitating for decades and it shows. Her tremendous experience will be invaluable for those who are new to facilitating public deliberations. Marcia’s primary role is on the Leadership Team of the international Partnership Brokers Association but she has also facilitated a number of public deliberations in Australia. Here she compares and contrasts the differences between working with diverse stakeholders and randomly-selected strangers, supporting each group to explore their common ground.


Marcia has over 25 years of experience in senior executive roles in the Government and Non-Government sectors, across Australia and overseas. She is currently Director of Creativma – working as an independent innovation and change specialist with a focus on partnership and engagement.

An accomplished facilitator, she has designed and conducted national, state and regional community and stakeholder engagement strategies to inform policy reform and planning. More recently this has included working with the newDemocracy Foundation and Government bodies in the facilitation and oversight of citizen/ community juries.

Marcia brings the partnering lens to her role of facilitator. She is an Associate and lead practitioner trainer with the international Partnership Brokers Association (PBA). PBA works to build capacity for those managing collaboration processes to enable a more equitable and sustainable world through innovation, efficiency and excellence in multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Specialising in working with diverse stakeholders around complex issues, Marcia works with people to build their knowledge and skills in partnering and engagement to develop new approaches to address these issues.

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