City of Sydney – Planning for 2050 (2019)

You can read the Citizens’ Jury’s full report here. In its Sydney 2050 plan, the City of Sydney will listen to the community and then outline what it sees as the shared future vision of what the city can become. The City has engaged newDemocracy to design and provide oversight of the Citizens’ Jury. We will...Continue reading

Ostbelgien Model (Belgium)

The German-speaking community of Belgium has become the first region to institute a permanent role for randomly-selected everyday citizens as part of how they do democracy. Led by the local G1000 organisation, newDemocracy was invited to be part of a design advisory group including twelve international members who have designed and operated large scale and...Continue reading

Byron Shire Council – The Byron Model of Democracy (2019)

Byron has a reputation for highly engaged community groups which can, at times, make it difficult to establish community-wide perspectives and can lead to public discourse that is highly fractious. Making trusted public decisions is arguably harder in Byron than in almost any other council across Australia. Apathy is not a problem we need to...Continue reading

The Madrid Observatorio de la Ciudad

Across Europe, there is an absence of everyday people contributing substantively to the decisions that shape the cities they live in, both now and into the future. Democracies are struggling to include everyday people in making trusted public decisions. The City of Madrid has embarked on a path of major democratic innovation to solve this...Continue reading

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