Submission to the Consultation on highly contentious bills for the NSW Parliament

This inquiry being held by the NSW Upper House’s Procedures Committee has two terms of reference: one on the usage of Green and White Papers as cornerstones of government policy development, and the second on the applicability for using deliberative processes to assist the parliament when bills are highly contentious.

Those interested in this work should also take time to look at the independent research project on Evidence Based Policy Making 2018.

We have taken the view that the Green Paper/ White Paper process is likely beneficial for all highly contentious bills, while we suggest the use of deliberative processes will be most valuable to the parliament for the small subset of the most acute issues. Our submission is attached.

For those who want to follow the Procedures Committee’s work you can do so here – and you will find their discussion paper for download below, as well as our response to this.

Discussion Paper

View our submission here

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