2013 Estonian People’s Assembly

Faced with public dissatisfaction and demonstrations about the financing of political parties in 2011, Estonian MPs initial solutions to the problems did not address the public’s anger, and in 2012 a decision was taken to establish a process for the public to deliberate on donations to political parties and related electoral laws. A website was...Continue reading

Siena, Tuscany

The Tuscany Law (Italy, 2007 and ongoing)

Drawn from a paper by Antonio Floridia and Rodolfo Lewanski (attached) While the vast majority of deliberative processes have been produced on a ‘one-off’ basis, the Region of Tuscany is the first regional level of government to institutionalise a deliberative process and give it an ongoing role.

Woman using computer

Demoex (Sweden)

A web based direct democracy experiment, where an elected representative votes in accordance with the wishes of the polled membership on every issue. The first secured a representative in the local parliament of Vallentuna since September 2002. This suburb of Stockholm has approximately 30,000 residents, and is governed by a 41-member local parliament which meets...

We the Citizens

We The Citizens – Citizens Assembly 2011 (Ireland)

The scope of the research project undertaken by We The Citizens, with funding assistance from Atlantic Philanthropies, spans 3 years and is one of the larger scale deliberative democracy processes undertaken. The final report was launched in December 2011 by the Deputy Prime Minister (Tánaiste) of Ireland Eamon Gilmore.

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