Episode 20: The Thrill of Facilitation with Kathy Jones


Kathy Jones has had decades of experience with community consultation and stakeholder engagement. She is currently a director of The newDemocracy Foundation (as is the interviewer).

This conversation covers the thrill of facilitation at the micro-level and its specialist nature, including the distinction between stakeholder engagement and deliberative democracy. Kathy also looks toward systemic change when she imagines possibilities at the macro level. Post-COVID, she speculates that there is a real opportunity right now to build a greater understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility.

Kathy Jones is a strategic adviser, known for her work helping CEOs, boards and executive staff manage crises and maximise commercial outcomes and value for money in a variety of policy change contexts.

Kathy is a driver and a motivator. She has created her own successful companies both in Australia and the UK and helped build connections across cities on issues that matter such as new and more creative ways of addressing governance structures.

Kathy is highly regarded for her ability to analyse and synthesise complex subjects through facilitation and discussion and then translate these findings into accessible and well-researched reports.

She is the founder of one of Australia’s largest specialist engagement and communications companies which she has recently sold to global sustainability company ERM.

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