A Handbook on Citizens’ Juries with particular reference to health care

Author: Mooney. G. (2010)

Honorary Professor, University of Sydney, Australia; Honorary Professor of Health Economics, University of Cape Town, South Africa; and Visiting Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark and the University of New South Wales, Australia.

This book is aimed primarily at health service staff in Australia interested in running a citizens’ jury in health care. It will also be of value to similar people in other countries and students both of health care and of deliberative democracy. The techniques and processes involved are however relevant to other areas of society beyond health care such as education, the environment, etc.


The author was a health economist who believed very firmly that informed citizens do not have a great enough say in how health services are funded, run and planned. Prof. Mooney ran seven citizens’ juries in health care in Australia and lectured on these experiences both in Australia and in other countries.

Full Research Paper 

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