IQ2 Debate: Democracy is Failing the Planet

Published 13 February 2012 | St. James Ethics Centre – IQ2 Oz Why should we assume that democracy is the best of all political systems? Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in the Middle East demanding freedom and democracy. And countless numbers have been prepared to die in exercising these demands....

Democracy: Plan B (PM ABC Radio)

MARK COLVIN: They call it Democracy Plan B – and they’re launching it at an event in Sydney tonight. They’re a group called the newDemocracy Foundation, which has been working for some years to break down some of the worst aspects of Australian political life and build something more constructive. It’s backed by former State...Continue reading

John Dryzek on The Australian Citizens’ Parliament. ABC Big Ideas.

In February 2009, a group of 150 randomly-selected Australian citizens were brought together at Old Parliament House in Canberra. Called “The Citizens Parliament”, the group spent four days discussing politics, policy, and systems of parliament. While the specific subjects under consideration were not prescribed, the attendees were asked to address the broad question: “How Can...

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