Geoff Gallop. Manning Clark Lecture. 3 March 2014

On March 3 2014 Geoff Gallop delivered the Manning Clark Lecture in Canberra, making the case for a new way forward for the Australian Republican Movement through the use of deliberative democracy. The ‘third republic’ – as Geoff calls it – would be more likely to be achieved if those advocating change would be willing...

2UE’S Angela Catterns talks newDemocracy

Angela Catterns from 2UE interviews our Executive Director, Iain Walker (0.00 – 8.20) and Citizen Juror, Pino Santangelo (9.45 – 16.17). Iain talks about the work of newDemocracy generally and Pino reflects on his experience as a juror on the current Citizens’ Policy Jury on a Vibrant and Safe Sydney Nightlife. If you’d like to...

What is newDemocracy?

By Geoff Gallop Lecture at the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, Adelaide Wednesday 20 November 2013 My aim tonight is to advocate for political reform but not before analysing why I believe it to be important.  I want to encourage you all to learn about and encourage your politicians to learn about a whole range of  democratic initiatives that go beyond our normal consultations, that can be more representative of ‘the people’  and which work harder at ensuring our focus is on deliberating for the public interest. I want you to start to think about the concepts of empowerment, random selection, and deliberation. in doing this I want you to reflect with me on the issue of how we imagine our democracy and how we actually operate it. What is going on in politics and how is it affecting governments today? Are there things we can do to make our system work better? I’m particularly interested in the 552 governments that operate throughout Australia – the Commonwealth, the States and Territories and our Local Authorities. None of these governments can operate without constraint but they do have degrees of executivepower and the responsibility to give leadership to their communities.    Full Lecture Text Continue reading

UTS Luminaries. Interview with Mr Luca Belgiorno-Nettis

“Do you realise there is no arts teaching at the UTS, and yet they sponsor an art gallery?” asks Luca Belgiorno-Nettis – architect, businessman, patron of the arts, philanthropist and passionate political idealist. “I think that’s brilliant,” he continues. “The university sees the worth of having art on the campus for its own sake.” Yes,...Continue reading

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