Having your say in the Citizen’s Parliament (ABC Central West NSW)

By Angela Owens

Do you feel like your voice isn’t really heard by the decision makers? Is casting your vote at the ballot box enough for you, or would you prefer something a little more hands-on?

The 2020 Summit held in April this year showed that many Australians have big ideas about shaping our future. And those 1000 people were just the tip of the iceberg, there’s are lots more of us with something to say.

Would you jump at the chance to be part of a Citizen’s Parliament? It’s an Australian first planned for early next year. A special parliament will be gathered, made up of ordinary people who’ll be having a say and expressing their concerns.

Dr Lyn Carson from the newDemocracy Foundation explains what a Citizen’s Parliament is all about.

To download the interview (audio) click HERE.

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