Episode 22 Part 1: Planning a deliberative process with Wendy Faulkner


Wendy Faulkner has an academic background as well as an enormous amount of practical wisdom to offer in this conversation which has been split into part (1) and part (2) because of its length. Wendy and her colleagues have produced an incredibly useful handbook that they generously share with others, and also offer some excellent facilitation training from their base in Scotland.


Until 2009, Wendy was a sociologist at the University of Edinburgh, latterly conducting and researching public engagement around controversial areas of science and technology. This prompted her interest in dialogue and deliberation for public and community engagement, and her ‘second career’ as a freelance trainer and facilitator of public engagement processes across the university, community and third and public sectors. She has recently retired but remains passionate about dialogue and the potential for deliberative democracy.

Music acknowledgement.

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