WaterNSW – Rural Water Pricing

The way water is delivered in NSW is complex. It features an apparently ‘simple’ product that requires evolving technology, a balancing of intricate third-party impacts for all decisions, has overlapping layers of legacy decisions, the Murray Darling Basin Plan, intermittent state-wide drought,s and other water agencies’ roles in rule setting, compliance, and license trading. Despite...Continue reading

Deliberative democracy is just what politics needs

Measures such as citizens assemblies can combat rising polarisation The editorial board, August 11, 2019 Here is an inconvenient fact for those who stand up for liberal democracy against its powerful detractors: it works best where it is least needed. As societies grow more polarised, democratic agreement has never been so much in demand. Yet...

Does Australian democracy need a reboot?

With rising disaffection and public debate, democracies around the world are facing a crisis of confidence. Does Australia need to rethink its democratic structure? Deborah Richards, Australian Institute of Company Directors 01 February 2019 Around Australia, disaffected, angry voices — from community groups to business leaders to striking school students — are demanding change. “It’s...

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