City of Canada Bay (2012)

In May 2012 the City of Canada Bay Council commenced a process to devolve decision making to a random selection of 36 citizens drawn from the local government area. They are being asked the question ‘What services should we deliver in the City of Canada Bay, and how should we pay for them?’.

This Citizens’ Panel met five times across 2½ months and had access to detailed information and have technical expertise on hand so they may enquire in detail. Importantly, Council agreed that the Panel would set the level of service to be provided for in the 2014-18 Delivery Plan, subject to the final approval of Council. This goes beyond the realm of consultation and is a world leading advance in allowing the citizens a far greater say in the operations of their local government.

The Foundation appreciates the openness and support of the Mayor, Council and Staff in the conduct of this project.

The newDemocracy Foundation provided process design on a pro bono basis.

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