Deliberative Collaborative Governance

Margaret Gollagher and Janette Hartz-Karp

The intent of the paper is to contribute to the development of more systematic documentation and analysis of deliberative, collaborative governance throughout the globe. It endeavours to select case studies of decision-making processes from around the world that incorporate the coherent voice of public deliberations into policies and decisions, integrating everyday citizens as ‘co-producers’ of future plans and actions. Deliberative Collaborative GovernanceIt examines innovations where collaborative decision-making processes are being used to embed more democratic, participatory spaces.

The study also briefly considers actual or possible changes to governance that have or could result, and factors that might support success. Using this as a starter document, the next step is to explore the experiences and insights of practitioners and decision-makers who are pioneering deliberative collaborative governance (DCG) in the contemporary context. The aim is to elicit more detail about the governance mechanisms of the examples outlined here, to document additional examples, and to analyse the results in order to inform deliberative democracy theory and practice.

Full Research Paper


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