NSW Parliament: New Options for Parliamentary Committees

Read the full document here. Parliamentary Committees are the backbone of our Parliament. They scrutinise problems and policy as MPs on these committees develop expertise in their particular subject areas, bringing an informed view to the consideration of legislation. At their best, they showcase elected representatives from all sides working together on the in-depth exploration...Continue reading

WaterNSW – Rural Water Pricing

The way water is delivered in NSW is complex. It features an apparently ‘simple’ product that requires evolving technology, a balancing of intricate third-party impacts for all decisions, has overlapping layers of legacy decisions, the Murray Darling Basin Plan, intermittent state-wide drought,s and other water agencies’ roles in rule setting, compliance, and license trading. Despite...Continue reading

Episode 44: Deliberation around the world with Claudia Chwalisz

As we draw this podcast series to a close, it’s fitting to take a global perspective on public deliberation with Claudia Chwalisz who leads the OECD’s work on innovative citizen participation.  Claudia is co-authoring a number of influential reports, convening a global network and maintaining an online digest, Participo. Links Catching the Deliberate Wave report...Continue reading

Submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Finance and Public Administration

We thank the Senate’s Standing Committees on Finance and Public Administration for this opportunity to contribute to the inquiry into the current capability of the Australian Public Service (APS). We recommend that the APS improve its public engagement capacity by (a) adopting and (b) measuring adherence to OECD-standard deliberative engagement practice. These deliberative processes build...Continue reading

Episode 43: Reflections from a participant with Bobbi Allan

Bobbi Allan was randomly selected for a public deliberation in early 2018. Coincidentally, she has a background as a facilitator so can offer an unusual perspective as she describes the residual effect of a deliberative experience. Bobbi Allan is a skilled facilitator with a background in training and development in the community and government sectors....Continue reading

Episode 42: Deliberation and disability with Rhiann MacLean and Max Hardy

This conversation is with Rhiann McLean (in Scotland) and Max Hardy (in Australia).  Both are dedicated to amplifying the voices of people with disability—through research and public deliberations.” Links: Research Voices Citizens’ Jury Video of the Research Voices Citizens’ Jury Report from Research Voices Citizens’ Jury NDIS Citizens’ Jury Video of NDIS Citizens’ Jury Rhiann...Continue reading

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