Australian Symposium for Trusted, Long-term Decision-making

The Australian Symposium for Trusted, Long-term Decision-making was a deliberative event that met on two occasions, in Melbourne on October 31 and in Sydney on November 22. The Symposium was jointly convened by a range of individuals and organisations including the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Foundation 1901, newDemocracy Foundation, The Benevolent Society, University of Melbourne...

Small format deliberative process for Rural Councils

Local councils are uniquely placed to engage deliberatively with their community. They make complex trade-off decisions that need to be tailored to local needs. Traditionally, this level of engagement has been too difficult for small councils, and so surveys and self-selected groups are default options. These are both too easy to ignore and provide the...Continue reading

Electoral Reform in Queensland

In December 2012, the Queensland Government announced a comprehensive review of the electoral process (attached below for ease of reference). The submission was made on March 1st and the Review is ongoing. The Foundation has made a submission referring to three major parts of the review: the chance to apply a candidate diversity rule to...Continue reading

A New Planning System for NSW

In July 2011 the NSW Government began a comprehensive review of the state’s planning system. The Minister sought submission and comments from the community and the Foundation has made two submissions which you can download here.

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