Honeybee Democracy

Natural intelligence…a cogent stream of good sense for a colony of living organisms. ‘One of the popular misconceptions about honey bees is that their lives are ruled by a queen — or perhaps by even some more fanciful system. But in the forty years that I’ve spent studying bees, I’ve learned that their colonies are...Continue reading

Australia Punched Above It’s Weight ..150 yrs Ago!

In 1856 Australia gave the world the ‘Australian Ballot’. It was radical at the time. Most voters thought that men, (who were the only ones voting then) should have the courage to defend their vote in public. The Victorian Legislative Council, (and two weeks later South Australia) introduced the Electoral Act 1856. Within twenty years...

Democracy and the Nation State

Homeland Security The defence of a country has invariably been the impetus to the formation (and maintenance) of the Nation State. Australia was no exception. The unexpected arrival of a warship in Sydney Harbour in the 1800’s gave great momentum to Federation. One hundred years later September 11th has provoked a renewed vigour of the...Continue reading

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