ACT Government – Housing Choices (2018)

The ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate is conducting a review of Housing Choices in the ACT. The next stage of engagement will comprise a consultation method that helps reach the core of community concerns through considered engagement. The ‘Collaboration Hub’ is a deliberative democracy process that will draw out key ideas as well as policy recommendations, and encourages direct participation to arrive at well-considered public decisions.

EPSDD has engaged newDemocracy to design and provide oversight of the Collaboration Hub. We will operate a deliberative process with approximately 36 randomly selected members of the community who will meet 5 times between May and July to produce recommendations that will be handed unedited to the Minister for a direction response. The process will incorporate a Stakeholder Reference Group of the largest community, business and industry stakeholders to provide input into the design and operation of the process.

“During March, invitations to participate in the Collaboration Hub will be sent to households that have been randomly selected. This will give a wide cross section of the community the opportunity to work together with government. The outcome will be recommendations to government on what can be done to ensure our housing needs are met in the future,” Minister Mick Gentleman said.

The ACT has a finite supply of land to accommodate urban development. The ACT population is projected to reach 500,000 people by 2033, with the number of residents aged 65 and above set to increase by two thirds over the same period. These changes are also occurring in the context of a government commitment to create a more compact and efficient city and reduce Canberra’s ecological footprint.

“A number of areas will be explored during the Collaboration Hub process including looking at what zoning might be appropriate, and the principles that Canberrans agree are important to deliver the housing we want,” Minister Gentleman said.

Canberra requires careful planning to manage growth and urban development. It requires innovative and participatory approaches to planning. For more information about this, visit

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