Transfield’s Luca Belgiorno-Nettis branches into information technology

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis wasn’t exactly born with a silver shovel in his mouth, but you suspect a well-worn hard hat was resting somewhere in the nursery.

In 1954, his Italian parents Franco and Amina had yet to amass what would become a vast fortune off the back of the nation’s post-war regeneration. Here was a pioneering migrant family of bulldozers, concrete mixers and steel by day, but also one enlivened by art shows, fine dining and community building by night.

The family, synonymous with Transfield, have put in place the robust sinews of our cities and built the supply lines taking power to factories and homes. The iconic company, started by Franco and Carlo Salteri in 1956, which has morphed and multiplied over six decades, built the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Melbourne’s City Link toll road, hydro-electric and coal-fired power stations, concert halls, oil rigs, sugar mills and the Anzac class frigates.

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