ABC The Drum. Ten ideas to fix government

By Beverly Parungao

As a slew of ICAC inquiries tear through NSW politics, a group of experts pitch their ideas to fix government. Do these plans have merit, and are there other proposals that should be pushed? Beverly Parungao writes.

The St James Ethics Centre held a major debate on July 1st on ways to fix NSW’s political donations system. The debate follows a NSW Government proposal to review the electoral laws via an independent committee, due to report by New Year’s Eve.

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newDemocracy Director, Kathy Jones, was on the panel

You can see the video of the event at the St James Ethics Centre website HERE.

VIDEO: POLITICS IN NSW IS BUSTED! Notably, at the 39 minute mark representatives of all parties agree that a Citizens Jury addressing donation and lobbyist reform could be a productive process.


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